Who We Are

About Us

Dads Workshop was established as a local business in 2020 and grew from a small successful family construction company with a great reputation. As a part of the group of companies Dads Workshop are perfect quality and creative industry source for any interior or exterior design and decoration.
We have an in-house design department with modern and high-end mindset designers for anything you can just name. Our furniture designs are for the future, and we always strive to give our best. Our team consists of a trained professional who can easily understand your need and deliver your wish as you want. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority, and we believe that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.
What do we do?
At Dad’s workshop, we endeavor to bring new thoughts and another way to deal with furniture from design and plans to reality. In particular, we wish to share our knowledge and passion for the grandness of wood in its typical state. We work in making remarkable, great strong wood epoxy tables and art with the characteristic look of the wood safeguarded beyond what many would consider possible.
It implies that each request is exceptional because you need to permit nature to shock you. You can arrange the specific length and approximate width and thickness. At that point, we look a proper tree, with every one of its openings, hitches, turns, bark, and different qualities supplied essentially, which we protect and leave as they are. Thus, each tree’s idea is extraordinary and unrepeatable, so every item that emerges from our workshop is uncommon and unique.